Water polo club «Аstana»

Water polo club «Astana” was established in 2010.

The Club successfully participating in Russian Water Polo Open Championship among Men, and also shows high level performances in Asian Water Polo Club Championships.

»Astana", composed mostly of national team players, declared in 2010 in the Championship of Russia 2010–2011, and serves in a high level, finishing in the standings of 4th place. This high result is shown for the first time in the last 6 years, indicating that the positive dynamics of development of professional sports skills of our players. While participating in Championship of Russia "Astana” can solve the problem of getting game experience and skills of team play in the absence of a full National Championship.


Eighth round of the open Championship of Russia.

New year of 2014, began extremely successful for «Astana» water polo club. On an away match in Moscow with WC «Dinamo-TsSP» team showed perfect advantage and managed to finish a meeting with the victorious score by 6:1.

Eighth round of the open Championship of Russia.

The second game of water polo club «Astana» was intense and rather heavy for players of our club. The team again managed to show solid game, but unfortunately it wasn’t succeeded to repeat success of the first game.